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Killer Up!

2009-10-19 14:47:58 by carr88

<88> Killer <88> has been submitted to the Audio Portal!

Took me a while, but finally there!


Plans for the future

2009-09-27 03:40:52 by carr88

<88> Killer <88> to be out on october 19th, this will be the last piece in the "<88>" series.

After that I was planning on remixing my <88> Tribal <88> this will be renamed <88> The Second Tribe <88> and will be released on Halloween. After I close the Series, (hopefully well!) I plan to have posted a new piece, the start of a new series, by November 19th, my birthday, which will be named, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (although te original wont be used throughout the whole piece.) Hopefully after that, with any luck, by new years, I will have finished a collab with an admired (not just by me!) musicisian. ( I cna't really say his name because it still might not happen. )

Thanks for all the support, and reviews, I will try to respond to your comment, but I can't get around everyone.


New submission coming!!

2009-09-14 14:40:40 by carr88

A new piece will arrive shortly; <88> killer <88>

Watch this space for more details,

Also I need art for the album artwork so if anyone has any 46x46 images I could use please post them to me,



New Audio!

2009-08-16 15:32:45 by carr88

New Audio submission! Check it out!!!


Front Page

2009-08-11 15:45:46 by carr88

Is there going to be a new front page layout?

After the change in the site layout, I was wondering if the front page was undergoin changes too?

Does anyone care?>>>

Front Page

Medals on Audio Portal?!

2009-08-10 09:18:11 by carr88

Why are there no medals on the Audio Portal?

There are no awarded medals on the Audio Portal section of newgrounds... Why is this?
Does the Audio portal not attract as many users? Or Does nobody really care that much?